Extra, Extra, Read All About it! Preorder the Next Edition of Moon Ecuador and the Galapagos

                                                 Moon Ecuador & the Galápagos Islands (Moon Handbooks)

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the guide that I spent a year and a half working on is going to be published on January 6th.  If you follow the links above, you can preorder it, download it for Kindle when it comes out or have a nifty paper copy delivered to your door.

It’s got a ton of good stuff for people visiting including some super swell pictures, information about the new airport and the changing bus stations, some very specific “hubs” around the country to find fellow travellers as well as handpicked  agencies, tour operators and hostals to come and find.

For stuff like good places to eat, stops for the night and where to find the latest party or microbrew, its in there and worth checking out before you come.  Despite all the warnings and instructions about saying safe, its really about enjoying your stay in Ecuador.  Whether it be studying or volunteering in Quito with a quality organization and staying at a good guest house, tackling the Quilotoa Loop or Cotopaxi or headed out to the coast and the Galapagos, I did my best to cover the bases so you can discover something new. (Mindo and Otavalo are worth the time as well!)

Now the fineprint:  I updated the guide for a good friend, Ben Westword as he needed to be elsewhere.  So, as far as royalties go, he’s the one who needs the check.  But, through a nifty thing that Amazon does, I get a few coins as well when you place your order through the above link.

So, to find out all kinds of fun and exciting things about Ecuador while supporting some fun-loving, hard working writers, give it a go and see if we know what we are talking about the next time you visit. (Or anytime you visit!)


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