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Extra, Extra, Read All About it! Preorder the Next Edition of Moon Ecuador and the Galapagos

                                                 Moon Ecuador & the Galápagos Islands (Moon Handbooks) Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the guide that I spent a year and a half working on is going to be published on January 6th.  If you follow the links above, you can preorder it, download it for Kindle when it comes out or have … Continue reading


The Grub-Five Spots to Find Good Eats in Quito

 Want to get away from the tried and true and a little worn out from expensive restaurants when you are visiting Quito? Take a look at the Bucketlist, Ecuador’s list of finds around town for an international taste of Italian, Mexican, fusion and the best burgers and wings in town.     1  Romolo E … Continue reading

The Adventurist’s Guide to Getting your Kicks in Ecuador

Thrills abound in Ecuador. The country’s soaring volcanoes, deep jungles, miles of beaches and the wealth of the Galapagos Islands make it many an active explorer’s playground. For those looking to broaden their horizons while making the most of the country’s adventurous spirit, here are ten things to consider putting on the list. Check back with this site weekly for a new series featuring adventure in Ecuador.

What’s Your Favorite Story about Ecuador?

Trying to get your head around life in Ecuador is sometimes like writing a cover letter.  It’s cumbersome, makes little sense and can get on your nerves.  That being said, once the work is done and the day is over, one feels a sense of accomplishment akin to finishing the chores on the list. A … Continue reading

The Hubs

Walking into a new place and feeling a different energy in the air is invigorating. Hubs can be restaurants, expat hangouts, motorcycle rental shops or the only cafe in town that serves good coffee. When travelling in Ecuador, make sure you check the following place out for the companionship of fellow travellers and the expertise of those who find themselves the proprietors of the establishments themselves

Travel Hacks, Ecuador

Ecuador’s changes in latitude spans beyond the sharp contrasts of the land. Navigating the culture is another set of directions to master which sometimes leave the newly arrived traveller and the long-term expat a bit sideways. Facts of life that people run out of change, taxis need to be vetted and negotiated with and that there are few places to get a Guinness are commonly covered on TripAdvisor and other travel forums.

Apart from the every day nuisances needed to successfully navigate the hills and valleys of the country, there are other points on the compass to be considered while traversing the land. This is an introduction to a new series about travel hacks for living and travelling in Ecuador and why you need them. Subscribe to the Bucketlist here, like us on Facebook or check back weekly for new posts about Ecuador and its hotspots.

The Hubs-Great Hostals Backpackers-Los Pinos, Banos-Where Travellers meet.

To the South of Quito, Banos takes travellers from city to outdoor fun within a four hour journey.  The city’s facade is of sport, confection and tom foolery, but its heart echos the spirit of adventure.  Rock climbers, white-water hounds, cyclists and hikers all meet daily at the center of town for a morning’s coffee … Continue reading

The Hotlist, Quito-Swing Original Monks-Be Monk!

Quito’s diverse Musical and cultural hotspots are constantly changing and growing. The local music scene which just a few short years ago consisted of a lot of death metal, has now been over-run with fun-loving, original, 10 piece bands rocking the house both far and wide. Check back with this blog weekly to find out more about the scene with the hotlist, Quito.

Swing Original Monks are a genre unto themselves. The band at times is camp but the music is a tight fusion of swing, jazz, bluegrass, conga and whatever else they feel like throwing in during the moment. Baseline’s bounce and jump, guitar riffs wander and come pounding back while the drums keep the beat with the rest of the band setting up the moment to pounce.

The Pubs-Bandido Brewing, Quito

A little known fact about life in Ecuador is that the beer isn’t why we stay. Or it hasn’t been until recently. With the micro-brew culture on the rise in many cities across the country, things just got a bit more tasty across the nation. Expats and natives a like are getting comfortable with the advent of real beer!

This is the first article in a series about microbreweries in cities including Quito, Manta, Canoa, Otavalo, Guayaquil, Latacunga, Loja and more. Bandido Brewing is located in the Old Town of Quito just far enough to be out of the packed bars of New Town. The tap room sits in an old chapel, with private services still being held next door. The owner’s are three American lads who made the leap and moved to Quito a few years back. They brought with them their enthusiasm for the country and their skills as brew masters.