Going to the galapagos? Send me a post card or bring one to me and I´ll buy you a beer!

I´m a bartender in Quito.  Usually how thing go when I meet people travelling here is that after a few beers people start asking me about where to book tours, about Ecuador in general, and tons of questions about the Galapagos.  I usually have one or two people who I know that I can refer them to … Continue reading

Volunteering, Volunteeringinfo.org, and an idea to help Project DCR

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about volunteering and volunteer organizations in Ecuador. It bugs me. I think if someone, including myself, wants to come and volunteer here then they should be prepared for what they are getting into and make a difference while doing it. I also try to help get the different … Continue reading

My first forays into guest writing for other sites..

A few weeks ago two people contacted me about guest writing for their sites.  As it happens they both came out today.   The first is an article about the Galapagos and a few people who I know here whom have made it a point to factor in community, the effects of tourism on the … Continue reading

Top Ten Reasons to Volunteer in the Galapagos

1.  It´s a better way to travel, Be a part of the revolution!   My counchsurfing account has over five hundred people who wrote me interested in volunteering from all over the world.  Once you start doing it new opportunities arise no matter where you are! 2.  Be a participant and not a passenger! Cruises are good … Continue reading