Three Places in Ecuador That I would Visit Again

The travel forums are full of people looking for advise on places to go and see in Ecuador.  These  include the Galapagos, the jungle and the coast.  Having travelled a fair amount in the hills, along the beaches and into the jungle, there are at least ten places that I would revisit and a few … Continue reading

Passion and Prose-Brian Iverson

“I like my grass blue and my whiskey straight” quote from brian!   Thinking about how to introduce Brian my head is filled with thoughts about meeting him in Quito at Finn´s and then finding him in the least likely places.  When I went to the coast with a group of volunteers all of the … Continue reading

Updates from Quito

In the last week- Met ten people going to the Galapagos to volunteer at orientation Got eight hooked up with information about last-minute cruises Heard from six who bought tickets and are on the way in the next month including one who just finished law school. Got someone who just finished Med School and was … Continue reading