The Bee Hive Mindo – Finding Common Ground on the Road

Around every corner when traveling in Ecuador is a new set of directions to master, another word to remember and decisions which aren’t typically answered online. When on the road for the first or fortieth time, its refreshing to find others who are on similar journeys and the places that help navigate the space between the points on the map.


Passion and Prose-Lee O’brian

  Lee O’brian is one of those all around guys guy who just seems to be there to lend a hand when you need it.  He has a knack for it.  Really.  I can name five times when I was working behind the bar when there wasn’t a lot going on, I had a specifically … Continue reading

Mindo, a Great Way to Spend the Weekend!

One of the less known places close to Quito to relax and explore while having an adventure is Mindo.  The small, sleepy town can be reached from the La Ofelia trolle station in the north of Quito.  Busses run a few times a day and the journey takes about less than an hour.  What the … Continue reading