New Article about Cotopaxi and the Quilotoa loop


Monday Musings-Work and Volunteer in Ecuador

More volunteer and work opportunities in Quito and Latacunga.. Hostel Tiana, in Latacunga is currently looking for volunteers for three months to help with the hostel.  It’s a great way to make friends, practice your Spanish and see a beautiful part of Ecuador from a local perspective.  Volunteers help with day to day operations like … Continue reading

Savvy Saturday, In the Know Update for Those Who Want a different Experience

I´ve been hearing about a few opportunities around Ecuador and wanted to write a post as they come and go quickly.  Here´s the latest! Volunteering-Hostal Tiana and their sister hostel further up the Quilatoa Loop are looking for volunteers to help run the hostels in exchange for room and board.  They ask for seven weeks … Continue reading

The little hostel that could,the Quilotoa Loop, the Jungle, and the Galapagos..Travelling with a conscience!

  There are a few places in Ecuador that are out-of-the-way, a little tricky to get to, and are well worth the effort to get there just for the experience and joy of travelling that they bring to any journey. Among these are the hills of Otavalo, which take catching a caminisetta or a taxi, Vilcabamba, … Continue reading

Volunteers needed in Latacunga

Just a quick post to get the word out that Hostel Tiana, in Latacunga, needs two volunteers for a month to help run the show.  Volunteers would need to be able to speak and understand some Spanish and be flexible as far as what and when they are doing work at the hostel.  Contact me … Continue reading

This is a dare with Backpacking with Brock!

This is a dare from yours truly…  Get in touch.  Email me if you are coming to Ecuador and have a question.  That´s the bet and there is beer involved! If you keep reading this blog past just glimpsing at the posts and clicking on the links, you will find information about some really cool people … Continue reading

Volunteering,, and an idea to help Project DCR

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about volunteering and volunteer organizations in Ecuador. It bugs me. I think if someone, including myself, wants to come and volunteer here then they should be prepared for what they are getting into and make a difference while doing it. I also try to help get the different … Continue reading