What factors do you consider when deciding to travel to Ecuador?

I am wondering what people who are travelling here now or in the recent future are thinking in terms of factors to consider when coming to Ecuador!   Do you have a recent story about travel plans going a muck or travelling here during the state of emergency?  What are you considering to be the biggest factor … Continue reading

Responses to the Galapagos Post Office

When I was doing research on the Galapaogs post office I posted on some travel boards to see what other people´s experiences with it was.. Check out the responses I got on trip advisor! If anyone is going to the Galapagos and feels like sending me a postcard, get in touch at savvytravellerecuador@gmail.com.. I would … Continue reading

The Galapagos Post Office

When someone mentions the Galapagos I think of wildlife, cruises, pirates,and the U.S. Navy using the location as a base during wartime.  If pressed I might come up with a few different people I know who can help with a trip there or a volunteer trip to three islands that I think is a pretty … Continue reading