Update to my Postcard Campaign for the kids at Project DCR

A few days ago I came up with an idea to have people travelling to the Galapagos drop off a postcard at Post Office Bay for former street kids in a school here that my friends at Project DCR run. The first good Samaritan sent me an email the same day.. Thanks Sonia for your generosity and fun-loving … Continue reading

Going to the galapagos? Send me a post card or bring one to me and I´ll buy you a beer!

I´m a bartender in Quito.  Usually how thing go when I meet people travelling here is that after a few beers people start asking me about where to book tours, about Ecuador in general, and tons of questions about the Galapagos.  I usually have one or two people who I know that I can refer them to … Continue reading

The Galapagos Post Office

When someone mentions the Galapagos I think of wildlife, cruises, pirates,and the U.S. Navy using the location as a base during wartime.  If pressed I might come up with a few different people I know who can help with a trip there or a volunteer trip to three islands that I think is a pretty … Continue reading