Got a Minute?

That´s right, one minute.. Some webthingy I found monitors the traffic to this site and lets me know a bunch of details that I don´t really think about.. For instance, someone from Denver, Colorado visited my site today and looked at five pages.. I know a lot of people in Denver, so it might be … Continue reading

Passion and Prose-Lee O’brian

  Lee O’brian is one of those all around guys guy who just seems to be there to lend a hand when you need it.  He has a knack for it.  Really.  I can name five times when I was working behind the bar when there wasn’t a lot going on, I had a specifically … Continue reading

Mindo, a Great Way to Spend the Weekend!

One of the less known places close to Quito to relax and explore while having an adventure is Mindo.  The small, sleepy town can be reached from the La Ofelia trolle station in the north of Quito.  Busses run a few times a day and the journey takes about less than an hour.  What the … Continue reading

Jet Set Zero.Tv , Adventure comes to Ecuador

Jet Set Zero // How to Find Work Abroad A few weeks ago I met a woman named Jenna who is from Los Angeles and in town for three months working for an online tv show about living and working in Quito with her three roommates. The Show, Jet Set Zero, has had five other … Continue reading

Kind words from a new friend!

  bartenderinquito’s TravBuddy Profile via kwout The following was posted on travelbuddy from a friend that met here a few weeks ago.  Kari saw the post on this blog about Project DCR and was kind enough to bring a whole suitcase full of supplies for the kids at the school. She met Karin, the director of the project,and … Continue reading

Passion and Pros- Happy Arthurs Day

True to form I am in Ecuador thinking of the Irish. Since I moved here two years ago my best mate has been my sometime employer, sister, and wise friend, Ursula from Belfast. Since meeting Urs I have become well versed in the Irish. At the bar that she ran there was never a lack of Paddies. … Continue reading

Project DCR

     I first met the people who would become Prject DCR through their weekly pub quiz at Finn McCool´s to benefit street children.  They are impressive as they hold this weekly event to actually benefit street children by getting them into schools and making it possible for them to access educational materials as well.  That´s the line that I´ve … Continue reading

Passion and Prose-Brian Iverson

“I like my grass blue and my whiskey straight” quote from brian!   Thinking about how to introduce Brian my head is filled with thoughts about meeting him in Quito at Finn´s and then finding him in the least likely places.  When I went to the coast with a group of volunteers all of the … Continue reading

This is a dare with Backpacking with Brock!

This is a dare from yours truly…  Get in touch.  Email me if you are coming to Ecuador and have a question.  That´s the bet and there is beer involved! If you keep reading this blog past just glimpsing at the posts and clicking on the links, you will find information about some really cool people … Continue reading

Volunteering,, and an idea to help Project DCR

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about volunteering and volunteer organizations in Ecuador. It bugs me. I think if someone, including myself, wants to come and volunteer here then they should be prepared for what they are getting into and make a difference while doing it. I also try to help get the different … Continue reading