Guest Post at a Pair of Panties and Boxers

Update.. This post is a few years old.  Between the time of writing and the present, Project DCR has shut its doors. I urge anyone interested in volunteering at a genuine project of substance working with kids in Ecuador to click on the link and read the article for one reason.  Karin Ernehed. Karin was … Continue reading

Monday Musings-Work and Volunteer in Ecuador

More volunteer and work opportunities in Quito and Latacunga.. Hostel Tiana, in Latacunga is currently looking for volunteers for three months to help with the hostel.  It’s a great way to make friends, practice your Spanish and see a beautiful part of Ecuador from a local perspective.  Volunteers help with day to day operations like … Continue reading

Savvy Saturday-Volunteer Gig´s in Ecuador

The Secret Garden, Cotopaxi is looking for volunteers to manage their country hostel.  Ideally they are looking for someone who is planning on staying for a few months.  The hostel is located forty-five minutes from Machachi and is a short drive to the north gate of Cotopaxi National Park.  There is no internet or tv, … Continue reading

Savvy Saturday, In the Know Update for Those Who Want a different Experience

I´ve been hearing about a few opportunities around Ecuador and wanted to write a post as they come and go quickly.  Here´s the latest! Volunteering-Hostal Tiana and their sister hostel further up the Quilatoa Loop are looking for volunteers to help run the hostels in exchange for room and board.  They ask for seven weeks … Continue reading

The Scoop Behind The Secret Garden, Quito

The Secret Garden was started by Katherine and Tarquin Hill, an Ecuadorian/ Aussie couple who met and lived abroad. The building that it is housed in is actually Katherine mothers, who lives in an apartment there.

Their aim was to provide a place where travellers could feel comfortable, meet others in a casual social setting, and get reliable information about travelling in Ecuador.

They started small and worked together with other family members to get the word out. Often this meant going to the bus station and finding travellers looking for accomidation and offering them a room. When it started a dorm room was .50 cents.

Since then they have put beds in every possible corner of the five-story building as their hard work has been successful and they turn people away daily. They also have a travel agent on premises, a spanish school, and breakfast and dinner served on the fifth story terrace.

Volunteer at the Secret Garden, Quito

If you have a month to spare and would like to save some money while getting to know Quito, The Secret Garden Hostel and it’s guests and staff, and have hospitality experience, email me at

Live like an Ecuadorian President while supporting The Galo Plazo Lasso Foundation.

I´ve written about The Galo Plaza Lasso Foundation previously on this blog when explaining what the Condor Hausi Project does to stop the extinction of wild condors in Ecuador. I mentioned in that post that I was starting a series about the foundation as the scope of what they do is impressive.

The purpose of this article is to map out what the foundation does and then write updates about specific aspects and projects in the future.

President Galo Plaza Lasso´s vision for education in Ecuador was ahead of his time. He started The American School in 1940 with the hopes of educating Ecuador´s future leaders in democratic principles. The school is thriving today and boasts a list of leaders in politics, education, and medicine amongst others.

The Condor Huasi Project

Recently, while doing research about animal rescue centers in Ecuador, I came across a project that rehabilitates condors previously kept as pets or otherwise abused in captivity. The project is called The Condor Huasi Rehabilitation project and it was started and funded with full support of the Galo Plaza Lasso Foundation. Galo Plazo Lasso was a much … Continue reading

Paseo Los Manos.. Monkeys!

This is a guest post by Nana G, who spent time while travelling in South America volunteering at Paseo Los Manos, an animal rescue center that doing great things and is talked about a lot lately!-Jon In my weirdest dreams I never imagined my self running after a six-months wooly monkey with a spider monkey … Continue reading

Project DCR-How you can help while exploring Ecuador

I´ve previously written about Project DCR for this blog but wanted to break down what they do, what they need in terms of support, and explain the ways that people traveling to Ecuador can help. Project DCR is a legal, well-organized foundation that was created a year ago by two volunteers who took over it´s operation from … Continue reading