The Exception to the Rule, Sani Lodge

This originally appeared on the Rediscovering the Amazon site in October.  As I am updating my own site, I wanted to add it in its unedited version, mistakes and all until I have the time to revise in properly. Jon Our first stop on the journey down the Rio Coca was at Sani Lodge, a … Continue reading

A Brief History of the Indigenous People Along the Amazon

Authors note-This is an article I wrote before leaving on a trip with Rediscovering the Amazon, a team following Orellana’s route down the Amazon.  I also designed the site for the trek and worked with local businesses who sponsored us.  I will be adding articles about the journey from Coca, Ecuador to Iquitos, Peru in … Continue reading

Word Cloud of an Upcoming Article about Sani Lodge and the Ilsa Sani People

5 habits to lose while travelling in Ecuador

I was visiting friends here who own a great hostel in Cotopaxi called the Secret Garden over the last few days and had some time to just relax with a group of twenty travellers. When we compared notes about places to visit, almost always the guide books came out and people had questions.

The guide books are just that, guides. They offer an outline from when the writers visited and even though they try their best, they don’t offer the whole picture.

Got a Minute?

That´s right, one minute.. Some webthingy I found monitors the traffic to this site and lets me know a bunch of details that I don´t really think about.. For instance, someone from Denver, Colorado visited my site today and looked at five pages.. I know a lot of people in Denver, so it might be … Continue reading