The Hubs

Walking into a new place and feeling a different energy in the air is invigorating. Hubs can be restaurants, expat hangouts, motorcycle rental shops or the only cafe in town that serves good coffee. When travelling in Ecuador, make sure you check the following place out for the companionship of fellow travellers and the expertise of those who find themselves the proprietors of the establishments themselves

The Hubs-Great Hostals Backpackers-Los Pinos, Banos-Where Travellers meet.

To the South of Quito, Banos takes travellers from city to outdoor fun within a four hour journey.  The city’s facade is of sport, confection and tom foolery, but its heart echos the spirit of adventure.  Rock climbers, white-water hounds, cyclists and hikers all meet daily at the center of town for a morning’s coffee … Continue reading

The Bee Hive Mindo – Finding Common Ground on the Road

Around every corner when traveling in Ecuador is a new set of directions to master, another word to remember and decisions which aren’t typically answered online. When on the road for the first or fortieth time, its refreshing to find others who are on similar journeys and the places that help navigate the space between the points on the map.