New Article about Canoa on Travelsort

I´ve been writing articles here and there for different travel sites as a way to get the word out about some really cool people and places in Ecuador. I focus on people whoI know who are continually coming up with new things or have been here for years and are still going strong. Hopefully they help people who are headed this way as guidebooks often get things wrong and they are dated even if it´s a recent edition. Click the screenshot to read about Canoa, The Surf Shak and the Betty Surf and Yoga camp!

A Brief History of the Indigenous People Along the Amazon

Authors note-This is an article I wrote before leaving on a trip with Rediscovering the Amazon, a team following Orellana’s route down the Amazon.  I also designed the site for the trek and worked with local businesses who sponsored us.  I will be adding articles about the journey from Coca, Ecuador to Iquitos, Peru in … Continue reading

Word Cloud of an Upcoming Article about Sani Lodge and the Ilsa Sani People

How Skiing and Snowboarding in the Rockies Helped Me when Traveling and Living in Ecuador

There is an intangible element to travel and adventure, a force that compels one forward, stretching the boundaries between the known and the unknown, The feeling one gets when boarding a plane to sites unseen, the excitement of finding an undiscovered destination, the joy of standing in a small Andean town surrounded by vast stretches of lush green mountains all stem from this vague but welcome element.

Got a Minute?

That´s right, one minute.. Some webthingy I found monitors the traffic to this site and lets me know a bunch of details that I don´t really think about.. For instance, someone from Denver, Colorado visited my site today and looked at five pages.. I know a lot of people in Denver, so it might be … Continue reading

Two Game-Changing Travel Writing Tips from Michael Crichton

The following article is a guest post by Maria, travel blog junkie and writer!- Jon If you’re anything like me, you’re a little confused right now – didn’t Michael Crichton write Jurassic Park and all those other popular science fiction books? Yes, but that’s not all he accomplished. Having recently read Crichton’s memoir-travelogue hybrid Travels, … Continue reading