Live Music Jam Every Wednesday at Zocalo

Live Music Jam Every Wednesday Night at Zocalo!     Funky Beats, Fresh Music and Good People!   3 Dollar Cover Charge, 2 Dollar Budwisers, Bar Menu, Open Mic and Hip House Band  and Good Times…   Advertisements

Savvy Saturday, In the Know Update for Those Who Want a different Experience

I´ve been hearing about a few opportunities around Ecuador and wanted to write a post as they come and go quickly.  Here´s the latest! Volunteering-Hostal Tiana and their sister hostel further up the Quilatoa Loop are looking for volunteers to help run the hostels in exchange for room and board.  They ask for seven weeks … Continue reading

What´s on your Ipod?

One of the things that I miss most living in Ecuador is new music!  We are a bit behind the times here when it comes to non-pop, retro, heavy metal music. The typical way I get to hear new bands or even new albums is when I meet someone travelling here who has a bunch … Continue reading