Going to the galapagos? Send me a post card or bring one to me and I´ll buy you a beer!

I´m a bartender in Quito.  Usually how thing go when I meet people travelling here is that after a few beers people start asking me about where to book tours, about Ecuador in general, and tons of questions about the Galapagos.  I usually have one or two people who I know that I can refer them to … Continue reading

The Galapagos Post Office

When someone mentions the Galapagos I think of wildlife, cruises, pirates,and the U.S. Navy using the location as a base during wartime.  If pressed I might come up with a few different people I know who can help with a trip there or a volunteer trip to three islands that I think is a pretty … Continue reading


According to ship logs, before the end of the 1500´s, Pirates were using the Galapagos Islands as a hideout to store and pick up supplies and bounty.  Well known pierateers Sir Henry Morgan and Sir Richard Hawkins are among the long list of people to call the Galapagos home away from home. The Bacholor´s Delight commanded … Continue reading

The Galapagos

The Galapagos are Ecuador’s biggest attraction.   The number of people selling tours to the Islands is stunning.  I´ve written articles about volunteering there, finding a last-minute cruise, and the ins and outs of the business from what I´ve learned since I first came here. The business side of things isn´t my thing.  It´s not my thing because I´ve … Continue reading

Project DCR-How you can help while exploring Ecuador

I´ve previously written about Project DCR for this blog but wanted to break down what they do, what they need in terms of support, and explain the ways that people traveling to Ecuador can help. Project DCR is a legal, well-organized foundation that was created a year ago by two volunteers who took over it´s operation from … Continue reading

The little hostel that could,the Quilotoa Loop, the Jungle, and the Galapagos..Travelling with a conscience!

  There are a few places in Ecuador that are out-of-the-way, a little tricky to get to, and are well worth the effort to get there just for the experience and joy of travelling that they bring to any journey. Among these are the hills of Otavalo, which take catching a caminisetta or a taxi, Vilcabamba, … Continue reading

Eight ways to make travelling to the Galapagos more rewarding

1. Go with the flow. Don’t spend hours on the internet asking everyone about the boats, the weather, and how to find the best deal out there. Find out the nuts and bolts of the tours, the Islands, the boats, and the companies selling the spots. After that, get in contact with someone who knows … Continue reading

This is a dare with Backpacking with Brock!

This is a dare from yours truly…  Get in touch.  Email me if you are coming to Ecuador and have a question.  That´s the bet and there is beer involved! If you keep reading this blog past just glimpsing at the posts and clicking on the links, you will find information about some really cool people … Continue reading

Volunteering, Volunteeringinfo.org, and an idea to help Project DCR

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about volunteering and volunteer organizations in Ecuador. It bugs me. I think if someone, including myself, wants to come and volunteer here then they should be prepared for what they are getting into and make a difference while doing it. I also try to help get the different … Continue reading

Updates from Quito

In the last month someone from couchsurfing contacted me and she is now working teaching for friends with a family who own a hostel in Cotopaxi.  I met and befriended three people travelling from Columbia who met at a hostel there and decided to buy a twenty person bus to take friends and people they … Continue reading