New Article about Canoa on Travelsort

I´ve been writing articles here and there for different travel sites as a way to get the word out about some really cool people and places in Ecuador. I focus on people whoI know who are continually coming up with new things or have been here for years and are still going strong. Hopefully they help people who are headed this way as guidebooks often get things wrong and they are dated even if it´s a recent edition. Click the screenshot to read about Canoa, The Surf Shak and the Betty Surf and Yoga camp!

Surfing, Adventure Sports and Volunteering with Patricia White at the South American Explorers Club in Quito

Patricia’s adventurous spirit led her to Ecuador over 5 years ago. Since then she has pioneered in creating active travel excursions for volunteers, climbers, surfers and students.

Working for International Student Volunteers, she created itineraries and led groups of students around the country, especially to communities off the beaten path.

Betty Surf and Yoga April Newsletter

A friend of mine, Patricia, started a Surf and Yoga Camp in Canoa and writes a newsletter every month featuring different people and places around Ecuador. This month includes Canoa and Banos. Click the image below to check it out!

Guest Post by Patricia White, director of Betty Surf and Yoga Camp, Canoa, Ecuador

A good friend just sent me this about her surf camp in Canoa.  It´s got everything you need for a blast at the beach and the price can´t be beat either.. If your interested, contact Patricia through her email at the end of the article!   Betty Surf & Yoga Canoa, Ecuador September 11, 2010 … Continue reading

Passion and Prose-Brian Iverson

“I like my grass blue and my whiskey straight” quote from brian!   Thinking about how to introduce Brian my head is filled with thoughts about meeting him in Quito at Finn´s and then finding him in the least likely places.  When I went to the coast with a group of volunteers all of the … Continue reading

Updates from Quito

In the last month someone from couchsurfing contacted me and she is now working teaching for friends with a family who own a hostel in Cotopaxi.  I met and befriended three people travelling from Columbia who met at a hostel there and decided to buy a twenty person bus to take friends and people they … Continue reading

Betty Surf and Yoga camp in Canoa

A good friend of mine moved to a few months ago to realize a dream. She started a surf and yoga camp for woman that´s meant to bring out your inner badass. Betty Surf & Yoga Camp Patrica White started in Quito after coming from Colorado and Texas roots to work for an organization that … Continue reading