The Hubs

This is an introduction to a our series about the travellers hubs in Ecuador. We cover the hot spots that those making their way through the towns and cities of Ecuador should check out. A few things about this post that is a new way of doing things around here.

The image that you see is a link to another site called Listly. I am using it because of the quality of the images and the professional layout. Click the link and take a look. If you like what you see here’s some other info.

The list on Listly is an introduction. I am writing about each hub on it as well as others not mentioned each week. To get updates recapping the highlights, you can subscribe to our weekly paper at the Bucketlist, Ecuador on yet another external site, If you take a look you will see why we use it.

“Walking into a new place and feeling a different energy in the air is invigorating. Hubs can be restaurants, expat hangouts, motorcycle rental shops or the only cafe in town that serves good coffee. When travelling in Ecuador, make sure you check the following place out for the companionship of fellow travellers and the expertise of those who find themselves the proprietors of the establishments themselves.”


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