There’s a new Brewery in Quito’s Old Town called Bandido Brewing. Anyone have a caption for these photos? Its for the next Moon Travel Guide!


Its for the next Edition of Moon Travel guides Ecuador and the Galapagos.   I’ve been going through hundreds of pictures and am running out of things to say!  Anybody feel like giving it a crack?   Just fun, travel related descriptions!



Da guys at Bandido Brewing are great and the beer is pretty fricking good as well.  Their tap room is located on Olmedo E1-136 Pedro Fermín Cevallos, Quito, Ecuador in Old Town.  Really comfortable, chill place away from the Mariscal!  Big Barrels above the bar, good music and beers like Honey Ginger Saison,  Ecuadorian Guyusa Pale Ale and Mango mayacuya Cider.  If you have a good caption with some zing to it, Leave a comment here or on our FB page.




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