New Article about Volunteer/Travel in the Galapagos

I’ve been writing about a volunteer/adventure travel trip to the Galapagos for a while as I think it is a great way to explore the islands from a different, more adventurous perspective.

If you search this site, you will find a few attempts to give it the attention I think it needs as there are a lot of people trying to get you to spend your time there with their tours or companies.

I recently wrote an article about the trip, which is run by a company called Lead-Adventures.  Click the picture above to see how it turned out.

One note.. It lists my email address with Lead-Adventures for contact.  This was supposed to read that if people sign up through me, they will be also helping a foundation in Quito called Project DCR by doing so.  I made a special arrangement with Lead so that money directed my way for signing people up goes to the foundation which helps street kids in Quito get ready to re-enter the public school system. 

You can find out more about Project DCR on this site as well.  If your interested in volunteering with them, they require three months of your time and are great to work with.  Contact me for details.


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