5 habits to lose while travelling in Ecuador


More or a necessity than a habit as in the States and Europe people are constantly pummelled with news, advertising, and phone marketers. In Ecuador it often works against travellers trying to find good recommendations.

Part of the reason that people travel is to regain their faith in fellow-man. Most people you meet here came for the same reason and even those who now own and run businesses still remember the hassles of dealing with life at home.

When asking about information, trust your instinct and your contact. It’s part of the reason those here choose to stay! Most of the time the information you get is from a perspective of steering you away from the not-so-good people and towards those that are personally trusted.

2.Dependacy on the Guide books!

I was visiting friends here who own a great hostel in Cotopaxi called the Secret Garden over the last few days and had some time to just relax with a group of twenty travellers. When we compared notes about places to visit, almost always the guide books came out and people had questions.

The guide books are just that, guides. They offer an outline from when the writers visited and even though they try their best, they don’t offer the whole picture.

The group of travellers and I decided that the places that the guide books write about are good places to start and good places to meet other travellers. But for out of the way, local spots, we thought that other travellers and locals were better sources of information! Keep in mind that the same can be said for the travel forums online!


Bringing a lot of stuff with you to Ecuador is a common practice. It seems like you are going to need everything since you are going far away from home and don’t know what Ecuador has.

Things like electronics and outdoor gear is expensive and sometimes hard to get. Most everything else isn’t. If there is something in your pack or suitcase that you feel that you can do without, trust yourself and leave it.

Cars are smaller here, busses often have people travelling with materials for home, and leaving bags at hostels in storage means that you have to go back and get them..


It’s tempting to bring all the bling here that you normally wear at home. It’s also tempting to thieves and muggers. So unless your planning on a dinner with the ambassador or that famous football player that your friends know, leave the heirlooms, the diamonds, and the pearls at home.

There are a lot of people making and selling jewelry here and leaving yours safe at home means you can restock for the next time you want to show off your Ecuadorian trinkets!


A lot needs to be said for timing in Ecuador. It’s way more relaxed than what your used too. Yep, that means you.

People at lunch walk like they are on the beach back to the office. At the end of the day they move a bit quicker as they are trying to get home. It’s how the place works.

This is important when planning a trip. Putting an extra day between destinations is a good idea. It also gives you time to soak in the culture and make sure the next set of details are sorted.

this is important because generally people don’t want to say no to tourists. This means that they will tell you there is a bus or they will be there at a certain time. This could mean that they really meant tomorrow or that they didn’t know the answer in the first place.

It’s a good practice here to expect things to be a bit askew and in need of clarification or confirmation. Taking your time makes it easy to do this while enjoying your trip without a lot of hassles.

If you have questions or would like recommendations about travelling in Ecuador contact me directly through savvytravellerecuador@gmail.com

4 Responses to “5 habits to lose while travelling in Ecuador”
  1. posterdog says:

    Jon, was there only five? Or is that number six, don’t correct someone if you think that they must be mistaken?

  2. El Playador says:

    What’s Number 6??? Did I miss it?

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