Got a Minute?

That´s right, one minute.. Some webthingy I found monitors the traffic to this site and lets me know a bunch of details that I don´t really think about.. For instance, someone from Denver, Colorado visited my site today and looked at five pages.. I know a lot of people in Denver, so it might be a friend checking in, and then it might not be..

The fact that the thingy told me today that I am intrigued by is that most people spend about a minute on the site before moving on to the thorn tree forums or trip advisor. One minute… While not being offended as I spend a lot of my time researching material both for future travel, and for travel articles which I edit, I surf a lot of sites. I also think that the site is still developing and appreciate anyone who reads my post to begin with.

The question that came to mind is what can you do with one minute? Walk to the store, make a phone call, decide what to do tonight, eat a snack, buy a book on Amazon, find new bands on pandora? The possibilities are many and of varied difficulty.. Making a tough decision takes a lot of thought but the moment it is made is less than a minute! With computers, microwaves and the like, the stuff that used to be an afternoon errand is now a few clicks of the button.

As someone who has watched the computer take over parts of daily life and didn´t have a cell phone till my thirties, I have an appreciation of all things new but a fondness for those things which take time. Seriously!

Some of the best things to do require effort, and at the end of the day, time. Going for a hike to a towering mountain peak, planning the perfect evening and creating literature or art require more than a fleeing glance. Making a gourmet meal, enjoying friendship and taking a vacation are dependent on the amount of time spent planning in regards to quality. So with this in mind I write this today as a disclaimer. If you don´t have a wee bit of time to spend poking around this site, it´s not going to automatically tell you what you want to know. It might not anyway but you might find out something new if you look.

This blog is about the people, places and time that I have spent in Ecuador spending and enjoying. It´s meant to help those wishing to travel or live here get one guy´s perspective and take on Ecuador. Beyond that I try to keep it current as to the opportunities and changing conditions here. I talk to a lot of people who live, work and travel here and aim to have the most current information around.

As a result of my job editing travel articles about destinations all over the world, I am revamping this site. The articles I receive cover family travel in Jamaica, outdoor activities in Hawaii, city guides for Chicago and New York and everything in between. Drawing from this experience I am planning on rolling out a new set of articles about travelling in Ecuador. My goal is to provide a bird’s eye view of travelling here complete with contacts, information not yet in the guidebooks and alternatives for those who want to get off the beaten path. I think I have covered a lot of ground already but I want to organize the information more succinctly.

The new articles should start rolling out this week. I´m focusing on writing long form guides with strong writing. If you look around the site you will find a mix between sparse, informative posts and those which I have tried to find my style. Overall I think that there is a lack of well written articles about Ecuador and with some work, will try to put a dent into the problem.

In the meantime, enjoy your minute on the site. The people and places that I have written about are good people and places. As always, if you have a question and want a locals answer, shoot me an email at Best Regards, Jon.


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