Monday Musings-Work and Volunteer in Ecuador

More volunteer and work opportunities in Quito and Latacunga..

Hostel Tiana, in Latacunga is currently looking for volunteers for three months to help with the hostel.  It’s a great way to make friends, practice your Spanish and see a beautiful part of Ecuador from a local perspective.  Volunteers help with day to day operations like checking people in and out and serving food.  Food and lodging are provided.  Latacunga is the gateway for the Quilotoa loop.  The hostel has extensive information about traveling the loop.  It also has a trekking company for climbing the nearby Cotopaxi.. If interested drop me an email for contact info.

Uncle Ho’s in Quito is looking for a part time bartender to work three shifts a week.  Experience in bar/restaurants is key.  Also it is preferred that those interested would be staying in Quito for at least two months.  Uncle Ho’s is a hip Vietnamese restaurant and bar.  You would be working in a relaxed, professional setting.  Regulars include a diverse group of Expats, teacher and guides.  They regularly host groups of students, those going to the Galapagos and travelers looking for great craic.  If interested, stop by Diego de Almagro y Calama in the New Town and talk to the owner, Kevin.  If you have questions, drop me an email.

2 Responses to “Monday Musings-Work and Volunteer in Ecuador”
  1. jeannie b says:


    i could be interested in helping in you hostel expect to be in equador jan of next year …….i am think of retiring there and this would be a good way to get the feel of the place……yep i am of retiremnt age but just spent two years back packing around world

    anyway let me know if you may be interested in help

    have a beautiful day

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