Savvy Saturday-Volunteer Gig´s in Ecuador

The Secret Garden, Cotopaxi is looking for volunteers to manage their country hostel.  Ideally they are looking for someone who is planning on staying for a few months.  The hostel is located forty-five minutes from Machachi and is a short drive to the north gate of Cotopaxi National Park.  There is no internet or tv, and it´s perfect for the outdoor lover who wants to spend some time in a unique situation while meeting guests, taking them on hikes and helping with meals.  Other responsibilities include helping with projects on the property.  The hostel has an eight person dorm, three honeymoon suites, a few tent cabins and a hot tub.  For information contact me at or email the garden directly at

A similar situation is open for Hostel Tiana in Latacunga.  In exchange for room and board volunteers help with daily duties at the hostel and give guests accurate information about the Quilotoa Loop, Going to Cotopaxi and traveling onwards to Banos and beyond.  For information email me at the above email address.

If you are looking for gigs in Quito, A few places are looking for help bar tending or on the floor.  If your planning on staying for more than a few weeks, contact me at the above email address for information and contacts.

An anthropologist is coming to Ecuador in the beginning of August and is looking for an assistant to help him with his research in the jungle.. For more info, email me and I’ll get you in touch.


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