Savvy Saturday, In the Know Update for Those Who Want a different Experience

I´ve been hearing about a few opportunities around Ecuador and wanted to write a post as they come and go quickly.  Here´s the latest!

Volunteering-Hostal Tiana and their sister hostel further up the Quilatoa Loop are looking for volunteers to help run the hostels in exchange for room and board.  They ask for seven weeks and if your working in Hostal Llullu Llama, you can also help teach in a school which they support in a nearby community.  Both hostels are great places to get to know Ecuador and brush up your Spanish.

Bartending-If you’re in Quito for a while and want to tend bar at a hip expat bar, send me a message with the email address listed at the end of the post.  It´s a part-time gig working for a really good Irish Expat.  Meals and taxis are included plus a fair wage for Quito.

New Pub opening in Banos- The owners of Posada de Arte in Banos are opening a microbrew pub on the main square in Banos.  They have been making their own beer for months and its a hit.  The pub plans on opening on July Fourth.

Worldbeats in Quito- Uncle Ho´s in the Mariscal has been promoting local musicians and DJ´s on Friday and Saturdays in an effort to bring some live music to Quito that´s not hardcore metal.  Fridays, DJ Chris is in the house with funky beats and fun times.  Chris lived in the States and studied music before returning to Quito after travelling South America.  His music and fun-loving nature makes Fridays fun nights that tend to start at Uncle Ho´s and move to other bars after close.

Scooter and Motorcycle GPS Tours-

Freedom Bike Rentals on Mera in the Mariscal have added new GPS tours to their growing collection.  In addition to trips to the coast and Oltavalo, they just added a trip to Banos by either scooter or motorcycle.

In addition to these, the two-man company are looking for those interested in a twelve day, introduction to Ecuador tour hitting Otavalo, Atacames, Canoa, the coast, the petrified forest, Banos, Quilatoa and then back to Quito.  Those going will stay in upscale hotels and gas, food and an expert guide are included.

If you are interested in contacts or more information about the above, please contact Jon at  If you have any questions about anything else related to travelling here, send them on as I check the account daily.

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