Uncle Ho´s Quito has a New Spot


Ask any local about a good place to relax with great food in Quito and most of the time Uncle Ho´s ends up on the list.  If it doesn´t, the person either wanted to keep it their local hangout or hasn´t been paying attention!  The combination of a funky setting, great Vietnamese food, and live music and DJ nights keeps nightimes interesting at a cool spot.  The spot just got better, and so did the good times!

To focus on any one aspect of what Uncle Ho´s does is to miss the big picture all around you.  It´s a combination of talent, great people, and new arrivals that make it what many consider to be the best in Quito.  Not to be mistaken, the food is top-notch at affordable price.  Items like Pho, Beef, chicken, shrimp, and pork swekers, vegetarian options done well, and a healthy cocktail menu make visiting a regular occurence.

The fact that the restaurant has just moved to a better location is no surprise.  Groups of travellers off the street would often mob the original spot and the kitchen although on top of their game would be put through amazing nights of getting all the food out on time.  The new spot has twice the space, an area for dinners and a separate bar, and an outdoor patio to relax behind walls of plants.

DJ Night at Uncle Ho´s, Quito

True to form the new place has the same edgy, underground feel that people took notice of at the original.  Graffiti artist are being commissioned to make murals of Ho Chi Minh, the interior has a hidden, laid back feel, and the design is functional, hip, and open to change.  Live music on Wednesdays and Saturdays and DJ´s on Thursdays and Fridays now have a space where people can enjoy the scene without feeling encroached upon.

While not claiming to be anything that it isn´t Uncle Ho´s is the kind of restaurant that one loves to find during their travels.  It´s fun, friendly vibe makes exploring a group event while giving people a break from the little hassles that are encountered while on the road.  The new spot has stayed true to the spirit of the original and is directly across the street from the old location on Calama y Deigo De Almagro in the New Town.. (But I didn´t tell you that!)

One Response to “Uncle Ho´s Quito has a New Spot”
  1. Bette=^..^= says:

    Oh, goodie!!! Another reason to go back to Ecuador!

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