Haciendas and History, Travelling in ecuador at it´s Best!

Part of the fun about living in Ecuador is finding out of the way spots which provide a deep sense of the culture here while actively going out of their way to make visiting there worthwhile.  Hacienda Zuleta is one of those spots located a few hours north of Quito in the Ibarra provence.

The Haciendas history is that it was built on orders of the King of Spain and then later became the home of Galo Plazo Lasso, one of Ecuadors first presidents to finish his term while improving the conditions.  He maintained the still working farm on the property that produces one of Ecuadors better cheeses and serves as the source of the meals served to guests.

The service here is the way one would imagine it to be considering that its the home of a former president.  The manager is the grandson to Plazo Lasso and has perfected his families hospitality.  Guests are treated like family friends.. There is no menu, schedule, or required timing for most activities.  Every night over cocktails there is a discussion for what people are in the mood for and then the cooks go to work!  Dairy products from the farm, fresh fruits and delicious vegetables, and trout caught that day are made into family recipes that reflect the regions cuisine.  The recipes used have been inherited from great-grandmothers and are influenced by the various countries where family members have lived over the years.

This treatment is extended to the activities offered.  Spend the day touring the amazing property, checking out the farm and the cheese factory, and visiting the textile shop that the family started to help the local women make a steady living.  typically activities such as horseback riding are arrranged the night before and include a gourmet picnic overlooking the lush,fertile landscape that inspires more adventure.

For those looking for a romantic getawayin Ecuador, this is the spot.  The elegent setting and refined service lends itself to quiet, dreamy days, and canlelit dinners in your rooms.  for this valentines day the Hacienda is offering a special package that isn´t often found in Ecuador’s hostels and hotels.  Couples receive Deluxe rooms with private balcony or garden for two nights, plus a romantic loop in a horse drawn carriage with a bottle of Champagne. After exploring the magnificent gardens and meadows or soaking in a bubble bath, guests can wake up with breakfast served in bed. The package includes: Two nights & three days, Breakfast in bed or in the privacy of the garden, Lunch in the dining room and romantic dinner in front of fireplace.

What matters about this Hacienda of Ecuador is the history.  Given the family and the fame of Plazo Lasso, one might expect that it would be hard to gain access and if given it, there would be a awkward air due to the gap in experiences.  Not so and couldn´t be farther from the truth.  The family gladly opens its doors to a wide range of visitors including families and groups.  They are more than happy to share the history of their reletives while showinghow they are still active in upholding the legacy passed down to them.  For Ecuador, this is travelling at its best and can only be compared to a few other spots.  Check back in the coming weeks for more hacienda and history.


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