Responses to Project DCR Postcard Campaign!


I checked my messages today on couchsurfing and found ten new emails from people who are up for sending postcards to the kids at Project DCR!  Whoo Hoo!

That will make the kids day!  I´m trying for about ten a day.  If you don´t know about it already, I started a campaign for postcards from all over the world to be sent to me in Quito.

The idea is for the kids in a friend´s foundation run school here in Quito.  The kids are making the transition from begging on the street to entering public education by catching up in a school structured just for them.

If you are interested in helping, Send the cards to Project DCR, c/o Uncle Ho’s in Quito, 166-E8-29 Jose Calama y Deigo de Almagro, Quito, Ecuador.  Email me at Savvytravellerecuador at with questions, and leave a comment to let me know to check at the restaurant for the cards!  Thanks and I hope this finds everyone well!- Jon

3 Responses to “Responses to Project DCR Postcard Campaign!”
  1. PAMELA DAVY says:

    please give me info about post card project thanks

  2. Click the card to learn more about the whole thing!

  3. TJ says:

    I remember sent one postcard from Malaysia months ago (couldn’t recall date and months). Have you received it? Hope to hear.

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