The Condor Huasi Project

Recently, while doing research about animal rescue centers in Ecuador, I came across a project that rehabilitates condors previously kept as pets or otherwise abused in captivity.

The project is called The Condor Huasi Rehabilitation project and it was started and funded with full support of the Galo Plaza Lasso Foundation.

Galo Plazo Lasso was a much admired president of Ecuador.  He also served as the Ambassador for Ecuador to the U.S. before his presidency.

 His family now run the foundation from funds made from their Hacienda and working farm in the Imbarra provence north of Quito.

I first heard of Hacienda Zuleta and the G. Plazo Lasso family through a friend in Quito from Colorado whom was staying at their Hacienda while working on her thesis in Archeology.

Her reviews of the property itself were outstanding and an insight into the real Ecuador. The family treated her like royalty and left her insisting that the word was spread about them and their foundation.

The Condor Project aims to help rehabilitate condors and also to raise awareness of the dangers facing the birds. The latter  is done through tours for the public and working with local schools in the surrounding areas communities.

The work they do with the condors is impressive. They rehabilitate, maintain, and keep a group of semi-tame condors in addition to helping those that they feel could survive in the wild.

Depending on the level of abuse and the age of the condors, it sometimes is better to keep them in captivity. Condor Huasi also feels that having some semi-tame condors will be of educational benefit as at some point they will have contact with wild condors.

With a maximum of seventy-five wild condors left in the country, the five male and one female condors that they currently have frequently attract wild condor visitors as the staff report sightings often.

The project is well run and under the supervision of the G. Lasso Foundation has made  strides towards improving the plight of the wild condor.   The work that they are doing has been recognized by National Geograghic Intelligent travel blog in March of 2009.

If you would like to help with the work that they are doing you can do so by visiting the Project and staying at the Hacieda!

More information about Hacienda Zuleta, The Condor Huasi Project, and the G. Plaza Lasso Foundation can be found here

-This is the first article in a series about the work that the people at Hacienda Zuleta are doing.  They seriously are covering a lot of ground and I think it´s worth getting the word out about.  If you have questions about this article or Ecuador in general, contact me directly at, Jon


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