What´s on your Ipod?

One of the things that I miss most living in Ecuador is new music!  We are a bit behind the times here when it comes to non-pop, retro, heavy metal music.

The typical way I get to hear new bands or even new albums is when I meet someone travelling here who has a bunch of new music on their Iods and they let us download it to the harddisk at the bar.

This is how I got turned on to Reverend and the Makers, new albums by the Black Keys, French Rappers IAM, and generally is how we keep up to date with the scene in the States and the UK.

At the moment it seems to be a good time for new music.  Every Thursday and Friday at Uncle Ho´s, where I work, a new dj is playing world beats and come up with fresh music weekly.

But We are still looking for new music to compiment Chris when he´s not playing!  So the call goes out to all of you travelling with a goldmine of music on your music player!

Have a new band that you keep listening to on the bus?  Or maybe a couple of songs that you can look up on you tube and post the link on the blogs Facebook page?  Are you coming to Quito and are up for coming by Uncle Ho´s and giving us some help musically?  If so here´s how you can help!

Click on the Ipod at the top of the page and it will take you to The Bucketlist´s Facebook page.  If you click on the link button and add the youtube video, we can check out your tunes.  Or just add a comment below and let me know the band and the song that´s got you humming!  Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciatedthanks!  Jon


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