Update to the Gapagos Post Office- Send me a post card!

Yesterday I wrote a post starting a campaign to get people to keep up the tradition of the post office on Floreana.. Today I had a new idea..


If you are going to the Galapagos and are up for sending me a post card to be delivered by someone travelling there, this is the new idea..

If you read this blog you will find posts about Project DCR and how I am trying to get them support.. The foundation operates a school for street kids who need help getting into public education..

What I am thinking is that it would be cool for people to write to the kids about the animals they have seen.. think it would be great for the kids to have a steady stream of cards coming in.. Don´t you?

If your up for it, get ib touch through my email.. To learn more about Project DCR and how you can help check out this post!


Tradition of leaving postcards in the barrel on POst Office Bay


One Response to “Update to the Gapagos Post Office- Send me a post card!”
  1. Lee O'B says:


    that is an awesome idea! It would be great to see people rally behind that and make an impact on those kids. Good on you bro!! The Bucket list rocks!

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