What factors do you consider when deciding to travel to Ecuador?

I am wondering what people who are travelling here now or in the recent future are thinking in terms of factors to consider when coming to Ecuador! 

 Do you have a recent story about travel plans going a muck or travelling here during the state of emergency?  What are you considering to be the biggest factor that sways your plans to come?  How did your travel plans change as a result of last Thursdays riots? 

Leave a comment on this post and let others know your thoughts on travelling in Ecuador at the moment.. I think it will help everyone to hear about others experiences! 

A few minutes ago, I came across a blog post at Travelblogs.com consisting of a panel of 17 veteran travel bloggers and travellers sharing their thoughts about the factors that they consider when travelling.

Things like money, age groups, ethnicity, politics, and a diverse array of other topics were discussed.  There are some great road tested comments that put bits about travelling into perspective in a new way.

I found this poignant to travelling in Ecuador today considering the events of a week ago.  A lot of the expats living here are understandingly worried about the effect that the riots had on people’s travel plans.. Combined with a slew of new restrictions on bar and restaurant hours, things aren´t always cheerful when trying to live and do business in a foreign country!

For me, it didn´t really seem like the biggest deal.. But I´m also prone to fly on News Years Eve when the world is supposed to end and run towards the protest instead of away..

So, it is justifiable a factor I guess…

Today, we are supposed to come off the ¨state of emergency status.. Which I understand to mean that the army has control instead of the police.   In Quito, the only difference that I can see is that there are a lot of guys in army gear wandering around but they aren´t really bothered by anything!

That´s the news from Quito.. Blue skies and people out and about every where.  Send me an email if you have a question, check out my postcard campaign for Project DCR, and check back with this blog for updates and new articles about living and travelling in Ecuador!

Hope it´s a good one!


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