Going to the galapagos? Send me a post card or bring one to me and I´ll buy you a beer!

I´m a bartender in Quito.  Usually how thing go when I meet people travelling here is that after a few beers people start asking me about where to book tours, about Ecuador in general, and tons of questions about the Galapagos.  I usually have one or two people who I know that I can refer them to and things tend to fall in place.  The downside to this situation is that I never hear from them about how the trip went!  It´s a little disappointing and sometimes adds to the never-ending cycle of people coming and going.  I go home tired sometimes.

Another thing that wears on me is all the people I know telling me why their services, prices, etc are better than others.  Give me a break, I spent years working for some of the best in the business in the states and have done a ton of research about how things work here.. I can use my own judgement, thank you very much!

Truth be told, I´m in it for the stories.   A great night at Uncle Ho´s, the place where I work, consists of travellers coming in a spending the night going over their travels and good times.  Last night was one of those night with a guy who drove here from Venezuela hanging out for a few hours and talking about his journey.

Today, while thinking about the state of things and about my post a few days ago about the post office on Floreana where people leave postcards for others to deliver at the end of their trip, I came up with an idea to cure the blues of never hearing from friends met travelling here..

I´m starting a campaign for postcards from the post office on Floreana.  I´m looking for stories of people trips there.. Write me about the boats, the islands, the wildlife, a great place to eat, a rare find, or a person or company that has made the difference in your trip.  Leave the postcard at the post office and take a picture of it there..

If your there and see one addressed to me, bring it to me in Quito and I´ll put the message on this blog in a weekly report.. A sort of up for grabs review for those coming in the future.

Before you fly home when you are in Quito come to Uncle Ho´s in the Mariscal and show me the picture or bring me a post card and I´ll buy you a beer.. It´s that simple!  It will be good to hear about your trip and to meet some new people travelling here..

If you’re palnning a trip to the Galapagos or are going soon, send me an email at savvytravellerecuador@gmail.com and I´ll send you the address for the postcards or let you know when I´m working..  Hope to hear from you!

(For arguments sake I´m going to limit this to ten people a week as my backpackers budget can´t take much more!)

Click on the Postcard for more info about sending a postcard to the Kids at Project DCR!


2 Responses to “Going to the galapagos? Send me a post card or bring one to me and I´ll buy you a beer!”
  1. SHURBANI says:

    Send me the address as I love to contribute to the good cause.

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