Kind words from a new friend!

bartenderinquito’s TravBuddy Profile via kwout

The following was posted on travelbuddy from a friend that met here a few weeks ago.  Kari saw the post on this blog about Project DCR and was kind enough to bring a whole suitcase full of supplies for the kids at the school.

She met Karin, the director of the project,and we spent a night together checking out the local clubs.   She was in Ecuador to volunteer in the jungle through another friends foundation, Yanapuma.

If you want to check out travelbuddy, follow the link at the end of the post. 

Vouched for on October 1, 2010



Have you met in real life? Yes
Did you meet through TravBuddy? Yes
Have you traveled together? No


How did you meet bartenderinquito in real life?I met Jon at King’s Cross (a bar in the Mariscal district of Quito). He was as kind in person as he appears on this site and on his Web site. It was as if we’d been friends for years. He’s very easy to talk to, and knows everything there is to know about traveling around Ecuador. He also can dance until at least 3 a.m. (LOL)
Why are you vouching for bartenderinquito?It was because of him that I had a place to go on my first day in Quito — a warm welcome on a strange-feeling day. And because of him, I connected with Karin, and Jim and Jan, and Bobby. I can’t imagine anyone ever saying anything bad about him. Just a great guy with a big heart. Thanks for everything, Jon! (And Alex)

2 Responses to “Kind words from a new friend!”
  1. Hey folks.. The computer I am on won´t let me access the mispellings in the post.. Sorry for the errors and I will fix it as soon as I get on a South American computer that displays everything..

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