According to ship logs, before the end of the 1500´s, Pirates were using the Galapagos Islands as a hideout to store and pick up supplies and bounty.  Well known pierateers Sir Henry Morgan and Sir Richard Hawkins are among the long list of people to call the Galapagos home away from home.

The Bacholor´s Delight commanded by Captain John Cook found herself stranded on the Islands when Cook became ill during a return voyage to England.

The crew spent their idle time exploring the Islands.  Ambrose Crawley charted the islands creating some of the first maps.  His fierce crewmate with aspirations of science,William Dampier, documented the climate and wildlife habits he observed.

The Pirates have long vanished into the mists surrounding the Islands but there are a few ways still available to those wishing to unleash their inner pirate.  One of those options is The Sulidae Yacht.

The Sulidae Yacht was built-in 1901 as a fishing boat in Denmark.  Some where along her life she made it to Ecuador and now takes happy travellers around the Galapagos.

Sulidae is perfect for those yearning for an adventure suitable for Captain Jack.  Her character is surly as the six cabins that mates stay in have low beams that often meet foreheads in the middle of the night.  Her old age lends itself to creaks and has those experienced with travelling onboard swearing that the boat rocks more than any others.

But for those who thrive on this kind of adventure and can imagine the French privateer ,Acheron, from Master and Commander, around every bend.  The five or eight-day trip is worth all the bumps and bruises.

Four night, five-day trips include visits to Santa Cruz, Isabella, and Florena.  Eight day cruises also include San Cristobal.

Stops include snorkeling or diving at Kicker Rock, exploring Tortuga Bay, a visit to the Charles Darwin Center, Pirate caves, the tortoise breeding center, and visiting volcanoes.

I´m going to make this the first article of an ongoing series on the Sulidae as I am still receiving trip reports and have someone who is going to write a guest post about their experience.  Subscribe to get updates and contact me at for information about the boat and contacts for questions and booking.  If you´ve been on the Sulidae recently and want to leave a comment about your experience, hit the comment button below and add your experience!


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