Live Music in Quito.. Whoo Hoo!


The Beatles played The Hollywood Bowl the last year you could see THIS in The Northern Hemisphere: a “Super Harvest Moon” with Jupiter appearing… to sail right past.

That was Wednesday.. Was wondering why it was such a good music night at Uncle Ho´s where I work in the Mariscal.. Who would of figured!

Uncles Ho´s is somewhere in Quito that I haven´t written about yet.  It´s just too hard to get it right as I spend a lot of time there, work there, and really enjoy it.

Considering the fact that I have spent two years in Quito talking to travellers about pretty much anything they can come up with, that should say something about Uncle Ho´s.. It´s a fun place, it´s a cool place, and the food is great. 

So, here´s the dilemma, write about the fun, the cool, or the food?  I´ve been trying for weeks to think of a good approach.. Then it hit me on Wednesday.. The music!

Music in Quito is an eclectic mix of regeeton, hip hop, and every retro song from before god knows when imaginable.  Seriously, you know that song that you catch yourself singing from years back and don´t think it measures up in the cool scene of today?  They play it here.. Not only do they play your song, but those of all your friends as well.. They play them loud and frequently to the point where anyone with an ipod that has just arrived is a new friend.

I´ve slowly realized that this is a cleverly planned conspiracy from the club owners, discotheques, and radio stations.. It combines the lack of good live music with the ability to play songs from every decade but this one and call them cool.

For those who think that I´m joking about this, think again.. Live music is really hard to find here.. A few concerts can be found on weekends but usually consists of death metal.. Bands that roll through are guns and roses and iron Maiden.. Not my Ben Harper loving, Stones following, love a jangly guitar riff thinking style.

This is a huge problem for me.. Everywhere I have lived for the last ten years I have had live music to go see..   These are the people who I usually get on best with.. No bands, no friends who know the blues, mates in the time of confusion, or people to push to take it to the next level..

Enter Uncle Ho´s and one very good man from Dublin.  Kevin Sheehey bought Uncle Ho´s two years ago and has since made it number seven on trip advisor out of 250 restaurants reviewed..

You walk into Ho´s on any given day and he´s there.. the thing about him is that he is always having a good time.. Really!  People see him and say, why not?  Might as well try to join in the fun.. They are rarely disappointed.

This is the spirit of  Ho´s.. Come have fun.. Shirts are sold that proudly say, I Love Ho´s,  Specials for two for one martinis, Monday night steak and mash, and Tuesday night movie night hit the right spot and male enjoying the down days an easy task..

So it seemed natural to me that a live music night at Ho´s would be worth checking out.. After all I found the musicians and was supposed to be working anyway, so what the heck!

True to form, Ho´s pulled it off.  The music was good without being overbearing.. My pal Alvero and his friend put on a set of classic music ranging from  covers of Summertime by Janis to improvised jazz that reminded me of the music from The Sting with Paul Newman.  That´s hard to do!

The thing about the band was that they immediately took to the spirit of Ho´s.. After a few songs that were carefully played and dutifily sung, they seemed to say, Why not?  Might as well try and have a good time.. As usual, Ho´s didn´t dissappoint them.

By the time the band left the place was rockin with songs that they loved to play, big guitar solos, the blues, and a few originals that I wish I could hum in my head..  The beats there but the words and instrumentals are fading..

As it happens this isn´t going to be a problem.. Alvero and Fabien are now playing  at  Uncle Ho´s every Wednesday and Saturday.. If you’re in Quito, stop by and enjoy some great company, good music, and a few drinks if you’re in the mood..  Why not?  Might as well try and have a good time!

Are you coming to Quito and want to play while your here?  Send me an email at about what you’re doing and what you play and it might work out.. After all, Why not?

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