Passion and Pros- Happy Arthurs Day

True to form I am in Ecuador thinking of the Irish. Since I moved here two years ago my best mate has been my sometime employer, sister, and wise friend, Ursula from Belfast.

Since meeting Urs I have become well versed in the Irish. At the bar that she ran there was never a lack of Paddies. Every other day someone would walk in from Belfast, Dublin, or Cork. It just seemed to happen with such frequently that I started taking it for granted.

I now work for a Vietnamese restaurant owned by a great guy from Dublin. Go figure. After a great night last night with a friend of mine playing live music to mark the beginning of his Wednesdays and Saturday regular gigs at Ho´s, I woke up to discover yet another Irish holiday that I wasn´t aware of.. Arthurs Day!

naively thinking that it might be like Boxing Day or have something to do with King Arthur, I did some research and realized the obvious, Arthurs Day has to do with Guinness. Leave it to the Irish to come up with a holiday for the national drink!

Arthurs Day is a celebration of the 251 anniversary of Guinness being brewed in Ireland. Need I say more? Considering the fact that there are celebrations in Dublin, Chicago, and the Caribbean. Snow Patrol are opening in Dublin.. Now that´s a birthday party!

Uncle Arthur sounds like my kind of guy. He signed a 9,000 year least on his brewery. He supported politicians who proposed a tax cut on beer, and he was good at his job. Every bartenders hero!

So, as I have been brainstorming with Kevin, my Irish rockstar of a boss, for ideas about what to do at the restaurant during the week. I am getting the feeling that there is potential for an impromptu celebration in honor of the man who gave us Guinness. So far we have come up with Football on Mondays, Movies on Tuesdays, and Music on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Fridays take care of themselves so we were stuck with Thursdays.. Problem solved!

If you’re in South America and have a second, leave a comment about how you’re celebrating Arthurs Day. Heck, if you’re any where and reading this, leave a comment about what the craic is where you are.. It´s Gunness´s birthday! To Arthur!

2 Responses to “Passion and Pros- Happy Arthurs Day”
  1. ursula says:

    If you can get your hands on the Black Stuff have a pint on me, Very tempted myself, thanks for the kind words bro xxx

  2. Fokke says:

    i saw ur comment on my weblog and somehow didnt find the reply button. :o.
    i see ur already there, and guess ur havn a great time. I hitchhiked only for a day on isabela and that was just fine… didnt took me more than 20 minutes to get a ride in the right direction.
    about the cruises… if you hav Q’s about Rumba ask me, id be happy to help out givin information.

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