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I first met the people who would become Prject DCR through their weekly pub quiz at Finn McCool´s to benefit street children.  They are impressive as they hold this weekly event to actually benefit street children by getting them into schools and making it possible for them to access educational materials as well. 

That´s the line that I´ve heard said, said myself, and tell people who didn´t want to fork over the two bucks for playing.  It´s for a good cause, get over it. 

So, yes.. If you are interested there is a weekly pub quiz at Finn McCools to benefit a good cause every Tuesday around eight thirty.  Don´t expect it to start on time, end on time, or be rocket science.  Although it´s a fairly new concept to me, people dig these things.  I like the music round.  The rest of it is lost on me as I´ve heard a million questions from behind the bar and would rather not be caught up in a debate about which country has the most people, who invented chewing gum, or where you can find the worlds highest Irish bar. (no answers here so break out your iphone) 

What I´m interested in is Project DCR.  As far as I can tell, you should be as well.  Here´s why. 

Project DCR was founded when the parent foundation told the hard-working volunteers in Ecuador that they were on their own.  They could keep the foundation running or let it die.  Up to them. These are volunteers were talking about.  You and me doing things for free.  No pressure. 

They took it on.  The two founders found funding, got the foundation legal, and then just for kicks started a school for the street kids that were in their care. 

A school.  Not a daycare, not a play ground, but a school.  That´s where your money is going when you play the quiz.  Two people, a new foundation, a big hole to fill and a new school.  Yep, that´s nothing to sneeze at. 

That was about a year ago and they are still going.  They found a passionate teacher that is right up there on the list of educators to know and convinced here to help them write the curriculum and help them with the kinks.  Now they are adding on the school itself to include more than one classroom to go along with the new ideas. 

That´s where they need help.  You name it, they could use it.  Can you build, paint, teach, write, fundraise, or just have three months to spend in Ecuador?  If you do get in touch with me through or Diego through the site that I´m linking to at the end of this post. 

This project rocks.  They already have raised money and kept it running since they started it and  this includes going back home and bugging friends and family to help.  They have so I figure that we should as well.  

If your interested the details are as follows.  

They don´t charge for your time but ask that you are serious about helping and can commit to three months.  If you’re doing it because it´s something that you believe in, it will go by quick and you will probably spend the last month trying to figure out a visa to come back.  Be ready. 

As I said they are remodeling the school.  They need people with experience building and materials.  They also need school supplies and materials for their teachers.  This is hands on.  If you are a teacher or know of one or a school who can help, get in touch. 

I´m going to be spending a good part of this week bugging my friends in the states and Europe to help.  I have a list of teachers, people who have worked for non-profits, the Peace Corp, and have started foundations both here and at home that are going to get emails and phone calls.  I figure it´s the least I can do.  If your thinking the same thing at this point, let me know.. This could get good!

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