Three Week Volunteer/Adventure Trip to the Galapagos



Lead-Adventures, Ecuador offers a three week immersion program volunteering in the Galapagos. It’s designed for the tribal traveller that wants to experience the Galapagos from a different perspective while taking an adventure that includes oversea journeys between Santa Cruz, San Cristobal, and Isabella!

Fruit and vegetables- The new dawn of pirates in the Galapagos

As a result of a lack of fruit and vegetable production on the Galapagos Islands, boats from the Ecuadorian mainland unload fruits and vegetables to hotels, restaurants, and markets on a daily basis. Quarantine regulations are consistently ignored and at least two exotic and/or invasive plant or faunal species enter the islands each day. The Biological Station has worked to develop reforestation, habitat reconstruction, and agro forestry activities utilizing native species for the last 18 years throughout Ecuador.

Volunteers will work on both the habitat restoration and agricultural components while at the reserve. In addition foundation staff will lead volunteers on various destination hikes to a nearby lagoon, native forests, beaches, and local villages to explain the ecological and human dynamic of Galapagos. Opportunities to work on group research and monitoring projects are available.

For the Adventurist……

The Three weeks is split between exploring the Islands and volunteering. The first week is designed so that your first three days are spent exploring the beaches and wildlife on the islands. At the end of the week you volunteer for two days on Santa Cruz and then have a day off to dive, kayak, and find other activities such as biking and hiking.

The second week is spent on Santa Cruz volunteering at The Jutan Sacha Biological Reserve. You will stay in Safari like accommodations in the reserves group accommodation. The reserve is a community and other volunteers will join you while your days are split between morning and afternoon shifts eliminating foreign threats to native species of plants and repoplulating plants choked out by these threats!


galapagos-experience_4.jpggalapagos-experience_44.jpggalapagos-experience_46.jpg galapagos-experience_47.jpg

Relax and enjoy Isabella

After working hard and volunteering on San Cristobal, the last week is spent exploring and soaking up the sights and sounds of Isabella. Three days of tours to the Tourise Breeding Center, the Wall of tears, and the nearby Volcano are followed by two days off to spend at your leisure.


If your in South America and passionate about travelling and want to see the islands from a genuine perspective contact me at the following email for information about the application process. They need a month to organize the details. The organization that arranges this is very accomidating and will try to get you set for a great time if it’s possible within the time frame allowed and your budget for the trip.

This is a trip going in August with the costs estimated at the low end if you are in Ecuador and the high end if you are flying in from the states, etc.

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