My first forays into guest writing for other sites..

A few weeks ago two people contacted me about guest writing for their sites.  As it happens they both came out today.  

The first is an article about the Galapagos and a few people who I know here whom have made it a point to factor in community, the effects of tourism on the environment, or are just good people to talk to if your thinking about going on a cruise.

The second is an article about volunteering in Ecuador written for a site called  The site tries to provide information about volunteer programs everywhere and let’s volunteers write reviews and submit articles about their experiences.  The people who started the site, Martin and Alex, started it after becoming frustrated with the lack of information available to them when they  wanted to spend the summer volunteering.  

They also let me interview them about their experiences and what they have learned with the site.  That’s coming in the next day so subscribe if you want to have it emailed to you.

One final word, as these are my first articles they have a Kerouac quality about them in the sense that I wrote them without paying a ton of attention to the “dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s” aspect.  There are some typos and some phrases got jumbled up between me writing them, sending them to the sites, and now.. I have written and asked that the mistakes be corrected but that might take a few days.. Such is life!




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