Passion and Prose-Ailish Brennan


I first met Ailish when she stayed in Quito at first at the Secret garden and the worked with her boyfriend, Max, at Finn McCool’s where I worked.  Ailish’s an Irish lass through and through.  Her red hair, fiery spirit, humor, and straight up no bull attitude got the bar standing at attention any time she was there.  It’s the way it should be as Fin’s is an Irish bar and needed a bit of Irish wit to fill in the gaps.

She has since been on an adventure though out Central and South America that has the rest of us in Quito wishing we went with her and hoping that she comes back to share  her stories with us.  This is her last day in South America as She flies out soon and will eventually find her way back to Ireland.  The contenant isn’t going to be the same without her.  From all of us in Quito at Finn’s and the Secret garden, Safe Travels and keep in touch!  Here are some of her notes from the road.

Q. What was your route?
A. Ok. My route was as follows….
Dublin-NYC-Chicago-Kansas City-Memphis-Nashville-New Orleans-LA-SF-Seattle-LA-QUITO!!!!
Then in SA…. Ecuador-Peru-Ecuador-Colombia, All up through every Central American country, crossed Belize border into Mexico, Yucatan-Tabasco-Chiapas and up til Mexico City. Mexico City-Rio-Sao Paulo-Iguazu, Argentina, loop as far south as Bariloche-Mendoza,Chile-Santiago, Valpariaso-San Pedro-Back to Arg
Arg- Tilcara, into Bolivia via Tupiza. Bolivia- Peru via Titicaca- Arequipa, Cusco, Lima
Now LIma-US-Dublin!!!!

Q. Any good irish bars?
FINNS!!!,Quito,  O sheas, Granada, Nicaragua….
The Wild Rover Hostel, LA PAZ…
other than that i didnt go to any to be honest!

Q. What was a funny moment during your trip?
A.Funniest moments. Hmmm. 
Finding ourselves couchsurfing in Colombia, in a sweet guys house but sleeping in his recently deceased mothers bed, having to plug my nose at night cos of my dust allergy and still sneezing constantly, bed had a dip in the middle so spent every night trying to get out of the dip and trying not to snore with tissues plugging my nose, Then having to discourage the guy from wanting to get into said bed with us to watch a movie on a tiny laptop… was time to move on!!! What a nice guy, but yes funny situation!

Q. Do you have three countries that you have visited that you would return to? 3
Brazil, Mexico and Argentina…. followed by
Ecuador, Bolivia and guatemala.

Q. What were your favorite hostels?
Favourite hostels;
Secret Garden, Quito….. Pariwana, Cusco…. Kokopelli, Lima…. Wild Rover, La Paz…. 1004 degrees (?) Bariloche…. and couchsurfing!!

Q. Whats left on your bucketlist?
A.Remaining places to visit in SA are the Brazilian Amazon and north Brazil coast, and Patagonia right down past Bariloche…. Galapagos, Easter Island, and Antartica!!! The rest of the Bucket list is too long, but pressing places at the moment are the MIddle East, China and the Phillippines, and Scandinavia!!


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