Updates from Quito

In the last week-

Met ten people going to the Galapagos to volunteer at orientation

Got eight hooked up with information about last-minute cruises

Heard from six who bought tickets and are on the way in the next month including one who just finished law school.

Got someone who just finished Med School and was interested in volunteering in a hospital hooked up with a friend here who just finished volunteering in a hospital.

Found four people hostels, hotels, and information about people I know in Banos, Otavalo, Quilotoa, and Cotopaxi.

Met three people in person who contacted me prior to coming.

Got two people hooked up with good jungle tours

And had dinner with one person who is travelling around the world and stopped in Ecuador so her family can visit and travel with her.  Went over their itinerary and introduced her to the manager of The Secret Garden.

This week-

Meeting four people currently on a bus headed this way, writing an article about Last minute cruises in the Galapagos from what I´ve learned in two years from my ten friends who work in travel agencies and one about Quito’s nightlife and bartenders.

Subscribe to keep in tune with what´s going on and for information from my side of the world!  Shoot me an email if you need information or are headed this way or are travelling and want to be interviewed!


Movie night at Uncle Ho´s- Clockwork Oarnge

Tuesday- Pub Quiz at Finn McCools to benifit Project DCR, a non-profit that helps get street kids in school.


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