Updates from Quito

In the last month someone from couchsurfing contacted me and she is now working teaching for friends with a family who own a hostel in Cotopaxi. 

I met and befriended three people travelling from Columbia who met at a hostel there and decided to buy a twenty person bus to take friends and people they meet here around the country in.

A new friend from JetSetZero.tv got in touch through couchsurfing and I introduced her to the locals I know and a good friend who owns a local hot spot gave her a job at his local hot spot while she films the travel documentary series about living and working in Quito.  She found a home away from home for her time here!

I sorted three people who are coming here for their trips to the Galapagos.

I connected a woman moving here with he boyfriend with a trusted resource here that will probably result in finding her a job or places to look in her search.

I am currently working on two groups organized for volunteer trips to the Galapagos in August and September, finding four people real last-minute Galapagos deals, finding a volunteer or couple to volunteer at a hostel in the Andes for eight weeks, and need to find a bartender for a friend at the beach and a waitress for a friend in Quito..

What are you looking for?  Check this blog weekly for new ideas and get in touch if you have specific questions about living or travelling in Ecuador!

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