Volunteer on a farm an hour from Quito

After a year and a half, I made it to a good friends volunteer farm an hour from Quito. The Fundación Brethren y Unida is a non-profit NGO that works in various areas of development: formulation of rural development projects, technical training of agro ecology, environmental education, local management and volunteer work.

My friend Stuart and his girlfriend started the program eight years ago for the foundation and it´s going strong because of thier work.

Volunteers work in the garden, tending animals, and participating with the local community. Many stay in the families who are supported by the farm´s houses.

I made it up to watch the first game of the world cup and want people to know about the volunteering options.

Anyone can volunteer for a week onward.. The costs are minimal and you stay either in a homestay or at the foundation. Volunteers switch off cooking for each other and it´s a great way to experience Ecuador!

You can contact Stuart through the website or give him a call at 593 85 987384. Usually if you call him on Friday you can start on Monday!

Let me know if you have questions.. GringoinQuito@gmail.com or leave a comment.


One Response to “Volunteer on a farm an hour from Quito”
  1. Kirsty says:

    Sounds like an awesome experience! I wish I knew about your site and all the great resources you have here when I was in Central America this time last year. Ah well, I guess it’ll have to wait until next year.

    Great work spreading the news about volunteering!

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