The Gypsy Train on the road in Ecuador

ken_keseys_bus.jpgThe Gypsies

The Gypsies

“Notions of chance and fate are the preoccupation of men engaged in rash undertakings” –Cormac Mccarthy

I recently met three people travelling from Columbia that came to Ecuador with a mission. To buy a bus! After meeting them at the Secret Garden Hostal i was a little skeptical at first. They had just come from Columbia after working the season in Colorado as bartenders. They met the third in thier party in a hostel in Columbia and had hatched thier plan to buy a bus and travel around Ecuador until August and then travel down to Peru and whatever leads thier way next.After hearing about thier adventures so far, scouring Quito for a suitable vechicle and finding the right people to help them with paerwork and mechanics, I was soon aboard at least in spirit and started mentally trying to list friends that have been in Ecuador long enough to help them with thier quest.Sure enough a few days later I met them again while taking a break from a hectic schedule and they were in possesion of a twenty person bus aptly named the Gypsie Train. The next step in the plan was to get in roadworthy with all the bells and whilstles needed for travelling the country in comfort.Alex, Alaena, Hannah, and Jack are now on thier maiden voyage with thier final destination being Montanita on this trip. They have a blog and are looking for passengers to join them. They plan to travel around Ecuador till August so if you are headed this way email me and I can let you know where they are and how you can connect with them on their trips. They plan on charging fellow adventurures a small amount to cover gas and costs. They also just went all in to pay for the bus and anyone adventurous enough to help them keep the dream alive would be most welcome.. Email me at for information as I am in contact with them and helping them find people to hop on the bus in Quito!


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